5 Bad Habits That Make You Undesirable As a Person

And what to do instead.

Adara Mitchell


Being sought out as a friend, partner, or even confidant means you have qualities that deem you worthy of fulfilling these roles. You should exude traits such as empathy, grit, curiosity, and self-control.

Qualities such as these allow you to better connect with those around you. In order to achieve this, you should halt repeating some of the following behaviors you may be doing unconsciously.

1. The constant need to criticize others

Many things make me cringe, watching someone bite down on something cold, the sound of fingernails scratching a painted wall with no topcoat—that one is odd, I know—and people who criticize others who are not even aware of their existence.

In the past, I have associated myself with people who could not seem to stop themselves from making negative comments about someone we would come across while out in public.

That hairstyle does not look good on her. Those pants look way too tight. Why are they walking like that?

The person talking bad about others may believe it makes them appear cool; on the contrary, they should be embarrassed. Bad-mouthing strangers unprovoked says a lot more about them than the strangers they are talking about.

It makes you look insecure and like a horrible person overall. Rather than criticize someone, compliment them.

“Compliments benefit the giver, too. Being in the habit of giving compliments helps us notice and appreciate what’s good and what we like in those around us,” according to NBC News.

2. Only calling someone to vent about your problems

A lot is going on in the world right now; each day, headlines in the media seem to get progressively worse, if that is even possible. At times it may be comforting to have someone to confide in when you feel like you are going over the edge.

It is okay to phone a close friend or family member when you need someone to talk to; however, do not only call them to talk about the plethora of problems you may be facing.



Adara Mitchell

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