If You Love Reading, Try This Book Subscription Box

Reading has never been made easier.

Adara Mitchell
4 min readOct 2, 2021


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If you’re anything like me, even in the slightest, you’re in a constant state of searching for your next read. With begin an avid reader comes the challenge of finding a new novel you’ll like — without spending too much time doing so.

And let’s face it, the purchasing of new books quickly becomes pricey over time. Reading should be a hobby you enjoy without the headache of searching for books or spending a fortune.

What if I told you there was a book subscription box that would put all these problems to rest — would you check it out?

With this subscription, you’d be able to easily find new reads, get access to early releases, and support up-and-coming authors simultaneously. You can experience all of this without upsetting your bank account.

Book of the Month, a book subscription service that’s been around since 1926.

Find Books Easily

Book of the Month releases their top 5 picks featured for that month at the beginning of each month. The Book of the Month subscription service has a vetted process for curating a list of books you’re sure to love.

They make their selection using three inputs — their editorial team, Book of the Month members, aka the readers’ committee, and judges. You pick your favorite out of the five, and it’s shipped to you for free.

The editorial team reviews hundreds of upcoming titles from well over 50 distinct imprints from all major publishing houses as well as many indies to scope out which upcoming books they believe we’ll love. The editorial team reads, debates, and repeats this process — their favorites are then sent over to the readers’ committee.

The readers’ committee consists of die-hard BOTM members who read over potential selections and give their feedback.

Now onto the final step, the judges. Book bloggers, journalists, authors, and on occasion, celebrities look at the selections and give their feedback. They’re in frequent communication with BOTM’s editorial team, communicating what books they’re more excited about and what books they’re not too enthusiastic about.



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